Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Badge

As I walked through the lobby of my building, I noticed one thing everyone had in common – they (we) were all wearing an identification badge of some sort. The badges are all shapes, sizes and colors, just like people. But they all serve the same purpose -- to give us access to a certain place. Soooooo, I started thinking (yes, I know it is dangerous when I think, however, this is a good one). What if we all had to wear a badge regarding our salvation; to show whether or not we would be admitted to the Kingdom of Heaven?

We all wear our work badges prominently displayed on our person to show we have access to a place where others aren’t permitted to go. But, given the opportunity, would we wear our “I am a Christian” badge just as proudly or would we hide it behind the lining of our coat? What if we were forced to wear a badge that listed all of our sins – on a daily basis? That each day we got up, the badge would look different according to the sins we had committed the previous day. Would we proudly wear that badge? I think the answer would be no. But you know what? Jesus wears the badge of our sins – daily, proudly. The scars on his hands and feet prove it.

I’m just sayin’,



Chris Barnette said...

Amen Sister. And how many folks out there would try to make a fake badge just to try pretending to be a Christian? I think we do have a badge like you mentioned (with our sins listed) but it is made like a dry erase board and every morning Jesus comes by with a magical eraser and cleans it off. The thing is Jesus is the only one with the magical eraser..Good post!

Joseph said...

The Christian's badge is always blood red.