Wednesday, January 6, 2010

21st Century Technology

Sometimes, living in the 21st Century, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, electronic technology is great. But have you ever sat down and pondered exactly what has been laid to the wayside by electronic technology?

Letter writing – I can send you an e-mail, any time night or day, but it doesn’t seem as personal as sitting down and writing my thoughts to a friend or loved one, in my own hand-writing. It takes a little more time, but it is well worth the effort.

Christmas, birthday, get well cards, etc. – When was the last time you actually mailed a birthday card, Christmas card, get well card or “thinking about you today” card? I mailed cards this past Christmas and will hold tight to this tradition for as long as I am able. A personalized electronic card is nice as is an e-mail full of well-wishes for the holiday and New Year, but again, there is something quite special about receiving that personalized card in the mail. And don’t you just love finding things in your mailbox that aren’t bills?

Talking on the phone – E-mail, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, instant messaging, etc. have replaced those leisurely phone calls to a friend or loved one. It is much easier to send an electronic message rather than get tied up on the phone with someone who has the “gift of gab”, right? Those phone calls are missed by those who don’t have all the electronic conveniences. And even if they do, they would still love to hear the sound of your voice.

I-Phone, Droids and Kindles, oh my! I personally like to have something tangibly paper in my hand when I read a book, newspaper or magazine. This is an area where I will go down kicking and screaming. I like the way the books feel in my hand and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I complete one. It saddens me when I see the numbers of magazines that I used to love to read that are no longer in existence.

While I enjoy the convenience of our electronic technology, I still try to use as much of the “old school” ways as possible. Give it a try! You might find you enjoy it so much more than being glued to a keyboard!



Jamie said...

Being glued to a keyboard would be a dream come true. I really heart technology more than not-technology.

Margo Redding said...

I used to, but I find myself getting "burned out" and have to take a few step backs occasionally. However, my husband did point out that I'm using all kinds of technology to post this blog! :-)

Chris Barnette said...


A lot of good points here! Yes letter writing is a lost art form if you will. I look back at some of the letters my father wrote when he was in the Navy and I am amazed to see how well his hand writing and grammar were back then. Today you can barely read what our kids are writing.

Amen on the Cards..I’m not a big fan of the e-cards. They are kind of hard to display on the fireplace mantle at Christmas time. Plus they make me feel like the person didn’t think I was important enough to write something and send it out.

I’m on the fence with the phone thing..I think we need a good balance of phone and e-mail/facebook. I think those media’s are good for something you want to share with everyone but like you said hearing their voice and having real time conversation is a lot better. I’m a big fan of the iphone but will agree reading a book on it is not the same. It’s very convenient to find a restaurant or nearest gas station but not read a book or magazine.

Technology is here to stay and it will keep getting worse. I think we are heading to a time where pen, paper and even hard currency will be obsolete. But on the bright side we will save a lot of trees…LOL