Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer's Over Already

I am a fall and winter person.  I love the crisp dry air that comes with autumn.  The mornings are chilled and the smells are indescribable.  Summer is over already and I don't understand why it won't leave!  I'm fully prepared to tell the high temps to take a hike!  So, in an effort to help summer move along, I'm posting some pics from my end of summer photo shoots.  Maybe summer will get the message now and say "so long and farewell".

Trash the Dress with Matt and Jenna
Trashin' the Dress....

I had the pleasure of shooting Matt and Jenna's engagement portraits and wedding.  It was only befitting that I was able to shoot her "trash the dress" event.  We traveled to Oak Mountain State Park to romp in the water and melt in the sun!  A fun time was had by all and Matt and Jenna found creative ways to stay cool!

Kickin' it with Karly

Karly is the most precious granddaughter of a very dear customer.  She is adorable. Dark curls cover her head and her personality is just so sweet.  As everyone knows, kids are sponges soaking up everything around them.  Karly has recently learned to wave....and she does it well, with both hands!  Between my laughing and her waving, I was surprised I was able to get any decent still shots, but here is one of my favorites!

Audrey Synclaire 

Or Audrey Claire as she is called, is so full of spunk.  She has beautiful red hair and piercing blue eyes.  Audrey Claire is going to be drop dead gorgeous, just like her mom.  I had the opportunity to spend some time with this sweet baby before we started her shoot.  Her favorite pastime...wearing undies around her neck while playing.  To each her own, right?  We were able to persuade her to leave them behind for her portrait!

Lipstick Legend Portraits

I really enjoy shooting these portraits.  I like the fact that they give women the opportunity to see themselves as others see them....beautiful.  So often, because we are buried under laundry and waste away in carpool lines, we forget how attractive and alluring we are.  Lipstick Legend portraits are classic, timeless and elegant!  Jennifer is a perfect example!

Due to the fact that I have posted a few of my "end of summer" shoots, I think I can safely say to summer, hit the road Jack!

I'm just sayin',

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