Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3.....

My husband tricked me.  We did not move to Dallas as he stated.  We moved to Antarctica.

It is Thursday.  We are still trapped in the house.  We have yet to see another human being.  We can't send the children outdoors to play in the "snow" because it is primarily ice with a thin layer of snow on top of it.  The wind chill was 10 degrees below zero yesterday.  I walked outdoors and my eyelashes froze.

We are down to the last of our food and caffeine provisions.  I've not had a Mt. Dew in three days.  The forecast for tomorrow is more snow.  The forecast for Monday and Wednesday of next week is more snow. We will decide today which child will be thrown on the BBQ pit.

I am delirious.  I am a survivor.

I'm just sayin',

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