Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it Permanent

Recently, during a discussion with my husband, he made the statement that he did not believe in "permanency", stating that nothing was permanent. I have been mulling over this statement for a while and find I have to disagree with him. While there are many things that change as often as my hair color, there are things in this life that are permanent; it's just that our society has an "everything is disposable" mentality. Permanence, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I believe in permanence.

To me, marriage should be permanent while on this earth. You take vows before God. I married my husband with a "til death do us part" attitude...I may kill him, but we will be married until such time I choose to do so. When I decided to get my tattoos, I got them with the same attitude "til death do us part". Well actually, they won't part; they will decay with my flesh. Employment is permanent; it may not always be at the same company, but I will be permanently employed -- somewhere. Debt is permanent as I'm always going to owe the IRS something; there is no way around it, except dying. Unfortunately, our government is working on a way to tax death, so I will eventually owe them from beyond the grave. Love is permanent. While not all relationships last forever, we will always LOVE someone. Being a parent is permanent – nothing will ever erase the fact that I gave painstaking birth to two sons. I will never let them forget it! Last, but not least, salvation is permanent. God doesn't rescind His gift of grace and mercy, even when I'm at my most undeserving. I'm thankful for His permanence.

I'm just sayin',



Edward G. Roberts said...

I can add one: words are permanent. At least mine seem to be, because you won't let me forget them :-)

Chris Barnette said...

Looks like we are getting our class started early :-) Great stuff guys..Looking forward to Sunday!

Christie said...

I'm just sayin' - I love your blogs.

gravityiscalling said...

Permanence is relative to time. Everything is permanent within reason. In the beginning GOD. I am the "alpha and omega", the end as well as the beginning. Permanence is relative to GOD. Only God is permanent because only God will never change. Given enough time everything ends. Even undying love. Even the permanent isn't permanent; time has broken down ideas, statutes and movements that have used that word. Yet THE WORD still is. And in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and what HE said was permanent. Until HE changes the meaning of forever we will have to use that as the defining line to what is permanent. GOD's LOVE, His perfect love will separate us from Him permanently because His Word states that if we do not believe in salvation through his Son we cannot live with Him. The perfect love that for within a moment of eternity allowed Himself to be separated from His Son. So even a perfect eternal union of Father, Son and Holy Spirit wasn't permanent. Permanent doesn't seem permanent when you can step back far enough to see the edges of eternity.

Joseph said...

I love that permanents eventually go all frizzy.

And I love that my relationship with God is permanent. It doesn't go all frizzy.