Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Introduction

Hi Miley, I'm Margo, your tour guide liaison.  I'm sorry I won't be able to travel with you to the gutter, but have arranged for two others to escort you.  I feel they are more qualified and have a much better understanding of how these things work.  First, I would like to introduce you to Madonna.

She once held a coveted spot on the pop icon ladder, but has been off the top rung for so long not many people are interested in what she does anymore.  She tried to make a comeback but her showing was very poor and it was sad to watch, so the general public decided to turn their backs and let her atrophy in peace.

The other person I would like for you to meet is Britney.  She used to have a promising career...well not really, but SHE thought she did and so did alot of 12 year old girls and 45 year old men; they now know differently. If at all possible, please try not to touch Madonna or Britney, as what they have might rub off.  Oh wait, sorry, I see you already did!

I'm just sayin', the path to the gutter is short.  Trying to climb out is impossible!


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