Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lipstick Legends and Babypalooza

WOW....what a busy week and weekend. Even though I've been outrageously busy, I am totally energized from all of the activity.  Two great things happened this week:  I officially premiered my new website and photography venture, Lipstick Legends Photography AND I had my first exhibit ever at Babypalooza.

I'm very excited about Lipstick Legends Photography.  Lipstick Legends are vintage-style black/white portraits for women only.  These sessions allow them the opportunity to be as sexy or as demure as they desire.  I believe the portraits give them the opportunity to see themselves as others see them as well as allows them some time to recapture their feminine side that seems to have gotten buried under loads of laundry and in the carpool line.  These portraits make great gifts for husbands or boyfriends (calendars, mouse pads, playing cards, desk portraits, etc.).  Sessions are only $50.00.  I am working on special print packages for the holidays.  Need I remind you they are just around the corner??!!

Exhibiting at Babypalooza was awesome!!  I've never exhibited at an event before and I enjoyed every moment while there.  It gave me the opportunity to interact with potential clients and allowed them the opportunity to chat with me and preview some of my work.  Who knew that the biggest hit would be a deck of playing cards that included your child's photo!  Some people left with an Ace of Spades or Queen of Hearts as a sample.  The winners of our two drawings were Bethany Davis and Mandy Richards!  Congratulations ladies!

Well, it's back to work.  Stay tuned this week for details on my Endless Summer sessions!  Have a fabulous day!

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