Friday, February 4, 2011


Falling snow.  I'm amazed at how quiet it sounds.  To me, there is nothing more peaceful than the sound of falling snow.  It blankets the ground, leaving everything clean and crisp looking.  I know that people in the north no longer think of it this way, but in the south, it is so rare that we get snow, we have a different view and appreciation of the white stuff.

I love winter.  For me, the season is a renewal and cleansing period.  Everything old is cleared away.  Life will bloom anew in the spring.

We've had a tremendous amount of snow in the south lately, either at my home in Birmingham or my new temporary home in Dallas.  The photo I've included is the home of my in-laws; where we are staying while we look for a home.  I love snow!

I'm just sayin',


The Strings said...

The snow is beautiful!!! Love that house! Wish we were sitting in that HGTV dream house though looking out those windows in the sitting area!! When are they going to announce you the winner? :)

Benita said...

The house and snow are great! I do wish they would hurry up and announce my name. I need a new home and need a place for my friends to hang out! :-)