Friday, November 19, 2010

Social Media Addiction.....and Murder?

I love this quote, "When God created man to desire companionship, he didn’t take a rib and turn it into a Wi-fi signal."

This is from an article I read about our addictions to social networking, specifically, Facebook.  I've attached the link to Social Media Addict seeks Connection, Escape.  Hopefully, it will cause each one of us to take a step back and look at others in a different light and possibly offer them more than a "friend request".  While I don't play Farmville or any of the other games offered on Facebook, I do understand how one can lose track of time while on the internet.  It seems to be the shiny coin we can't seem to pull ourselves away from.

The story about the 22 year-old mother who killed her baby over a Farmville game is mortifying and shocking.  But equally disturbing to me was the photo in the article...our household looks just like that sometimes.  Today's quality family time is spent on computers or in front of some gaming system.  We used to play board games together, at least once a week.  I think we are going to go back to this practice.....starting tonight!

I'm just sayin',

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