Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Little Less Talk and Alot More Action!

Yeah, yeah, I know the title is a song by Toby Keith, I think.  I must confess -- I don't listen to alot of country music.  Well, actually, I don't listen to it at all, unless it is Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard.  :-)  But I know most of the performer's names even though I don't know their songs.  However, I digress.  This blog isn't about Toby Keith or his is about becoming a woman of ACTION! 

A re you a woman of talk or action?  We all say things we are going to do — pray for someone, take a meal to a friend in need, send a card, make a phone call — and we honestly have good intentions, but most of the time, we never follow through.

I recently read a short story about Bob Dahlgren.  Do you recognize the name?  I had never heard of him until I read his story.  He died quite a few years ago at the age of 52.  His death doesn’t affect us in any way, but to James Brady, it was a deep-felt loss.  You see, Bob Dahlgren was one of James Brady’s best friends.  Mr. Brady, who was Press Secretary of the White House during the Reagan administration, was shot in 1981 during an assassination attempt on President Reagan.  During the years following Mr. Brady’s recovery, Bob Dahlgren never left his side.  He and his wife took care of the Brady’s young son Scott during the first weeks of his recovery.  Bob organized “happy hours” around Mr. Brady’s bedside so that he could visit with his friends.  When Mr. Brady was able to get out and about, it was Bob who made all the transportation arrangements and helped his friend in and out of the special vehicle in which he did his traveling.  Bob shielded the Brady family from the press and ill-meaning exploiters.  For four and 1/2 years, Bob devoted virtually all of his time to his friend — a friend he loved.  Bob never complained nor hesitated to offer his services for his friend.  One of the surgeons who operated on and treated Mr. Brady once said, “Everyone should have a friend like Bob Dahlgren!”

Are you a “Bob Dahlgren” in someone’s life?  Are you a devoted friend — for better or for worse?  Are you willing to give your time to someone in need?  We’ve always heard “it’s the thought that counts”.  But you know what?  The thought really doesn’t count.  It is the ACTION that counts.  It’s the action that makes a difference.  It’s the action that makes a lasting impact on someone’s life.  Action is what truly matters in friendship.  Mere words do not make friendships happen and last through the years ….it’s ACTION!  To reverse an old cliché, “You are a friend indeed if you help a friend in need.”

If you know of someone going through a difficult time, I encourage you to exercise a little less talk and a lot more action!  Be a woman of your word, be a woman of worth and most importantly, be a woman of ACTION.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and truth.” — 1 John 3:18

I'm just sayin',

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