Saturday, April 11, 2009

Run for the Border

Once every blue moon I will make a “run for the border” and eat at Taco Bell for lunch. A couple of weeks ago I had a craving for something from there, so I went downstairs to grab some lunch. I ordered my usual -- 2 crunchy tacos and a drink. Everyone that knows me well knows how picky I am about my food. I like tacos; I just don’t like them with cheese and lettuce. Bizarre, I know. I like them with meat only. In addition to my tacos, I also like a side order of nachos with peppers. When I received my order there were no peppers! An abomination, as what are nachos without peppers! They are notchos! They are chips and cheese. That would be like ordering a hamburger with no meat – which is actually pretty common because no one is ever exactly sure WHAT is between the buns at fast food restaurants. It resembles meat, but what is it truly? But I digress.

N E Way, I asked the cashier, who by the way had a nasty attitude, what happened to the peppers I ordered with my nachos. I didn’t have time to enlighten her on the proper etiquette of nachos, that without the peppers, they were just chips and cheese. She searched through the bag I handed back to her; I told her they weren’t there. She turned around and spoke to the “cook” and asked about the peppers. THAT person said they weren’t on the order so they didn’t add them to the bag. I explained to the cashier that I did request peppers with my side order of nachos. I was then informed that if you want peppers, you gotta pay for peppers. People, we are in a deep recession. Shouldn’t I be receiving free food because I stepped out on a limb and made a purchase at their establishment? After all, I did order my tacos without cheese or lettuce – is it wrong to expect peppers in return for my generosity?

I wanted to bring this fact to the attention of the cashier, but I didn’t want anything extra on my tacos, so I took my order, with said peppers - which I did receive for FREE - and made a fast getaway. That will be the last time, well maybe the last time, I eat at Taco Bell, where the peppers are NOT free and they never leave the light on for you. Now I ask you, is it wrong of me to expect peppers for FREE with my nachos? And what will they make you pay extra for next – the shell???!!

I'm just sayin',


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