Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Future of Farm Town

If you are an active member of Facebook, you are more than likely familiar with, on an intimate basis, a game called Farm Town. Farm Town is a virtual farm. You plow your land, plant your crops and reap the rewards (coins) of selling those crops at harvest time. You even have the ability to "prostitute" yourself in the village market by offering to harvest other farmers' crops. You can sell your farm for larger farms, purchase silos, waterwells, logs, barrels, pigs, chickens, roosters, goats....you get the picture. You beg your "farming" friends to send you gifts of animals and trees so that you will not have to make these expensive purchases yourself. After all, you are saving your coins so that you can buy that farming mansion and pond you've been lusting after on the neighboring farm.

However, the future of Farm Town may be compromised. My son called earlier to let me know Facebook had a new virtual farm game called Farm Ville. He's at level 3. Will the popularity of Farm Ville cause Farm Town to become a Ghost Town? Will that spur a trend of popular "ghost" games. Or, based on the following story, does this mean that players from Farm Town and players from Farm Ville will engage in illicit "farming" affairs? Will the farmer take a new wife with each new virtual "farm" game created? Only the future will tell.


Amy Taylor, 28, filed for divorce after she caught her husband cheating in Second Life, an online community where players create avatars and transport themselves into virtual worlds. "I caught him cuddling a woman on the sofa in the game," Taylor told England's South West News Service. Taylor married Dave Pollard, 40, after the pair met in an online chat room in 2003. She said the first sign that their marriage was in trouble occurred in 2007, when she caught her husband's avatar having cyber-sex with a virtual prostitute.People become emotionally invested in their virtual identities, according to Ellen Helsper, a researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute, who has studied the impact of the internet on relationships. "For a while, there was this impression that as long as it's online, it doesn't matter," she told the Associated Press. "But research has shown it's not a separate world." She added that infidelity was "just as painful, whether it's electronic or physical."


I'm just sayin' I gotta go harvest my crops,



Shawn Stinson said...

Sadly, I have family members who are highly addicted to farmtown. I'm afraid we might have to have an intervention soon.
Their addiction is so strong, I'm beginning to wonder if they have a special plot of virtual land where they are growning some "special" plants. I'm sure you know the kind I'm talking about. The ones's that are used for medical purposes, but also are used just help people forget about their problems.

Personally, I kind of wish that both farmtown and farmville have begin a massive battle for virtual land that will escalate into an all out war. Then maybe they'll nuke eather other into obilvion and people will finally stop sending me farm town gifts. =)

Christie said...


Chris Barnette said...

Yeah I am already starting on my second farm since I have gone as far as I wanted to on Farm Town, Farmville is more user friendly especially when planting crops. I think its all good as long as its kept in moderation. I think if more people took our class there wouldnt be a problem with cheating. Shawn I'm sending you a pig to go with the horse in your front yard. :-)

Joseph said...

Farm Town is like Crack is like Farm Town. I might have to start smoking meth to get away from Farm Town.

Anonymous said...

I have a wife that meets lots of men on Farm Town in the inn and has even taken the further step of sending topless images to some of those men. Blew me away when I found out, but I am trying to mend it. I am having a hard time trusting her but I hope we can make it through all of this.

Anonymous said...

What's your wife's handle? I probably know her.

Anonymous said...

I just found hard core evidence of my husbands other life in Farm Town. And it was nasty. Pictures so gross that man is never going to touch me again. Even after being together for 30 years. So far I have been able to identify two women named Cindy, but my husband won't admit to any more. He says he's sorry, and it was only fantasy so no harm done. Wrong buddy, you are so wrong. My lawyer will be contacting you soon at your new place of residence.

Anonymous said...

I found out my wife was meeting men in farmtown and then seeing them on a webcam. She would brag to other woman on farmtown as to what they got up to. Neraly made me puke to thonk what was going on and I was none the wiser. She says she doesn't do that anymore but she is on sometimes 12 hours a day. She now meets men and then asks them to be friends on facebook so she can facebook chat them as well. I have asked her not to add random men as friends but she says she is up front with them and tells them she doesn't cyber. Should I be worried or am I being paranoid? I did a search on the word farmtown and I am surprised I didn't read mor of this happening. The amount of people that have cyber relations on there is ridiculous. Most of them have relationship problems. Would be interested in peoples oppinions and experiences.

Edward G. Roberts said...


I'm going to go ahead and jump in here. If your wife was going out to a real farm and hanging out with men, how would you react? If she were talking to random men on the telephone, what would be your response? If she ate lunch with individual male coworkers, would it bother you at all?

I'd have her on the side of road hitch hiking, because she would have missed the train pulling out for Splitsville long ago.

Kiwi Chick said...

Only writers researching Farm Town play a straight game. Every one else is in it for fun