Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Continuing Saga of the Real Magnolias....

I know you expected something scandalous as a follow-up to the photo I posted on Tuesday, but if you recall, I mentioned I would start with something small and work up to the really juicy stuff!  You know, sort of like an ice cream cone.  Hmmm, but the good stuff is never at the end of an ice cream cone, it is always at the beginning.  Well, never mind with that analogy.  Regardless, I will be starting with the non-juicy can read it or turn a deaf ear.  Another poor analogy, but stick with me.  It will be worth it when you finally get the story that goes with the photo.  :-)

Below is something Monica wrote about our girlfriend group, the Real Magnolias.  No, I don't have written permission to publish the stories the other girlfriends wrote, but they should have known back when they gave them to me that their writings were not for their eyes only.  Here's what Monica, aka The Czar, aka Arrington, had to say about us:

"I love that email that goes around where the mother is giving her daughter some valuable advice – “Get you some Girlfriends!”  I have always been a “girlfriend” girl.  I love my girlfriends.  I can be me with them and they love me anyway.  And then I can be someone else – say like Monica – and they love me even more!  I have girlfriends in all ages.  Some I’ve loved my whole life and some I’ve grown to love in just the past few years.  I’m known as the Czar (or Mrs. Cravitz) in our little group of girlfriends.  I have no idea why other than I’m the one who is the most mature and responsible in the group!  Ha!  I am the mom of the group who will slap the stupid out of one of my girlfriends to get her back in line!  I tell it like it is most of the time – which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good.  The one thing I hate about the Real Magnolias is that no matter how much weight I lose, I am still the biggest flower in the bouquet.  Drives me crazy.  Just once when I’m in my Monica mode, I would like for someone to think of Monica on the TV show “Friends” rather than Monica Lewinsky!  I tried to change my name once to Arrington but my boyfriend’s name was Stone Barrington and if we had married, my name would have been Arrington Barrington and my girlfriends would not go for that!  Can you tell I read a lot of books – or should I say listen to a lot of books??!!

When we first decided to make our girlfriend group a true “club” we picked the name “Real Magnolias in a Garden of Girlfriends”.  It fits us perfectly.  The idea was to stop what we were doing at least once a month and get together no matter what.  To be there for each other – to pray for each other – to listen to each other – to celebrate things with each other – to cry with each other and to just go through life with each other.  We have a whole bunch of girlfriends in our garden but just a few Real Magnolias!  We are not perfect – well to us we are but you’re entitled to your own opinion – but we are really good friends through thick and thin.  I’m proud to be a Real Magnolia!"

Well, there you have it....the perspective from another Real Magnolia.  We are perfect in every way and that is not just our opinion!  At our February 2001 party, we had to make valentines to give to the other Real Magnolias.  None of that store-bought sissy stuff for us.  However, a few of the Real Magnolias cheated (ahem, Monica) by having someone else make their valentines.  Now, let me explain.  Cheating doesn't take away from our idea of being perfect, we are just perfect cheaters!  Right girls??!!    Monica did have nice valentines.  I have mine in The Book and this is what it said, "Girlfriends worth keeping forever enrich our lives with humor and mischief, regardless of how old we become.  We seem to revert back to giggles and allow ourselves unladylike guffaws over matters that only those in the friendship circle seem to appreciate."   Very sweet words, but let me tell you, there was a lot of unladylike behavior in the future of the Real Magnolias...more of that to come!

I'm just sayin',


Bryant said...

Czar Monica Cravitz, huh? Nice ring to it, but not the innocent yet alluring girl I remember from high school. What on earth corrupted that young Southern Belle? Mah goodness, ah nevah!

Monica said...

HAHAHAHA. Thanks for getting Monica first. Love you! Happy New Year!! See all of you in a couple of weeks.

Nikki said...

Yeah, the Czar was a force to be reckoned with. :-)

Sam said...

If you can't reckon with her.... hide from her.