Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Memories....

While I have many wonderful memories of Christmas past, one of my favorites is the year we held our extended family Christmas party at the bake shop where my grandmother worked.  My grandmother could bake like nobody's business.  One year, I was running for Homecoming Queen (I was in 5th grade) and sold her lemon meringue pies to everyone in the neighborhood.  She baked them all at our house and I delivered them fresh out of the oven.  Lemon meringue pie....I can still smell those pies baking.  You might say "there's nothing special about that", but anyone who bakes knows that making a killer meringue is something that takes years to perfect....soft peaks, browned ever so lightly...but I digress.

So, this particular year we held the party at the bake shop, well I didn't, but the family did...you get what I mean.  Me and my sisters sported our new "midi dresses" (something wildly popular in the late sixties) and white boots....yes, that is what I said, we wore white shoes AFTER Labor Day!!  We were fashionistas back in the day, so don't even think about rolling your eyes!!  Additionally, my sister Annette was wearing the new winter line from Bandaid across the bridge of her nose, as she had split it open on a large cauldron in our yard.  We were playing Crack the Whip and it wasn't my fault she couldn't hold on and landed face first on the pot (see my halo shining??).  

Anywho, my grandmother baked the best goodies for everyone...there was so much food and so many people.  I had no idea where they all came from as I was just a kid and couldn't remember who had shown up with whom.  While the food was spectacular and the music couldn't be beat, the crowning moment is when Santa Claus made a personal appearance just for us.  He walked through the front door of that bake shop and I thought I would wet my pants I was so excited.  He was laughing and jolly (as he should be) and knew us all by name!!   Needless to say, when he looked around the room to start handing out the gifts, I sat up straight as I could so he would see me.  I knew I had been good all year (remember, my sister busting her nose while playing Crack the Whip with me was an accident).  And Santa surely knew this as he pulled out several gifts just for me...proof that it was an accident!  :-))

We were all so excited!  Santa had paid a personal visit to us...in the bake shop.  We talked amongst ourselves and decided it was because we were dressed so fashionably that he just had to see it for himself!!  He made his rounds passing out the rest of the gifts and even gave a few to the adults!  That's right, the grown-ups even got presents from Santa!   Even though some of my family is no longer with us, I will never forget that Christmas.  My grandmother has been gone for many years.  My grandfather died just a few years ago.  Santa (my cousin Junior) has been gone for many years as well.  However, those memories are cherished in this little girl's heart, never to be forgotten.

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Christie Huff said...

LOVE IT!!! AND LOVE YOU! Merry Christmas!