Sunday, January 2, 2011

Increasing the Blog Traffic and Hopefully New Followers......

Recently, my husband posted one of his controversial blogs.  Nothing new about that.  However, since posting this particular controversial blog, his blog traffic has increased 10,000%!  He has been trying to figure out why his blog traffic increased so dramatically.  Tonight, whilst performing his daily research on why the large increase, he stumbled across the reason....Taylor Lautner!  In this particular blog, he posted a photo of Taylor Lautner....shirtless!  And, given the way Google's search engine works, the shirtless Taylor was traced right to the hubby's website!

Now, I must admit, I have no idea who Taylor Lautner is or what he does.  He just doesn't fall across my radar...ever.  However, since we have come upon this little gem, I'm going to give him a try it and see what happens!!  While you're at it, please feel free to become a "follower".  When the Taylor Lautner hoopla dies down, you might find some entertaining stories throughout the blog.

I'm just sayin',

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Anonymous said...

Go team Jacob!