Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Diary.....

Blogging is a term that hasn't been around that long, but the concept has become very popular.  It seems as if everyone has a blog these days, including yours truly.  After reading many blogs, I've come to the conclusion that blogs have taken the place of those old-fashioned diaries we used to have as kids.  It is also very similar to "journaling", with everyone making their thoughts available for the world to read.  Thoughts, dreams, goals, fears, inhibitions, loves, hates...you name it, are no longer held in a small book clutched tightly to our chests.  We open ourselves up for ridicule by the entire world!

I can't recall ever being one of those kids who wrote in a diary, but I can remember journaling on occasion and still have the bizarre ramblings to prove it.  But, if I were going to write in a diary, my entry for today would look something like this:

January 4, 2011

Dear Diary,

It is 4:30 in the morning.  I was awakened by a peculiar dream.  I am sure all dreams are peculiar in some form or another.  Alot of people can't recall their dreams and don't know if they dream in black and white or in living color.  I dream in living color.  How do I know?  Because my dream was filled with images waiting to be taken (as they usually are), to be captured on film.  A girl that I know was wearing an orange ballet tutu, sitting on a suitcase in front of a brown trailer, her slippered feet immersed in mud.  She is looking at me and the camera as if it is our fault or that we should be able to do something to help her.  The next image was her brother in the orange ballet tutu, standing beside her.  I walked down a street lined with pink and purple trailers.  A young girl was sitting by a fence in front of one of the trailers asking me if I had seen her mother.  She was holding an old brownie camera.  Just as I passed, an old woman drove up in a blue Chevrolet from the 60s.  Her face was lined with age and the cigarette smoke curled from the car window.

Prior to that, I dreamed of a row of young men, probably a football team, sitting at a long picnic-type table.  I was coaching them on their diet prior to games and how to avoid stomach aches.  There were bowls of pasta on the table.  The edge of the table was splintered and I had to warn them not to get too close lest they snag their uniforms.

Other images involved old sofas, chairs and coats for photo shoots.  Flowers grew wildly among dead weeds and signs of poverty were all around.  A place that I've never seen before was suddenly quite familiar to me.  Clothing items were hanging on hangers across the bathroom doors of stalls located in the dollar store.  Everyone knows the dollar stores have no public restrooms, but I was hanging clothing displays there nonetheless.  And washing my hands.  I suppose even in our dreams we cannot escape our OCD tendencies.

People that I've known in the past swirled through my head, as did people from the present.  Places that I will go in the future did also.  I can remember wondering why people who used to blog on a regular basis have not blogged in months and I recall worrying about what had happened to them.

Diary, am I insane to have all these things rolling around in my head?  Or is it the suppression of my creativity -- the things that I keep bottled up because I know at this point in my life, I have no way to make some of these things happen?  Could it be something I ate before I went to bed?  I had some white cheddar popcorn,  Maybe I shouldn't eat it before bedtime in the future?

Well, I'm going to try to get back to sleep.  Maybe now that I've written all of this down my brain will relax and let the peace envelop me.  Until another day diary.


Aren't you glad I really don't keep a personal diary?  Aren't you glad I don't record my dreams more often?  I feel if I did, someone would be bringing one of those pretty white coats by for me to wear!

I'm just sayin',


Christie said...

Okay - I'm good at interpreting dreams - crazy ones anyways. Gianna is the little girl in the tutu and she's sick and tired of having to pose for her photographer grandmother so that is why she's looking at you like that. The brother -- well there is a second grandchild in your future - a boy - but unfortunately ya'll have spent all your money on that first one there is no more to buy him cute boy clothes so he is forced to wear Gianna's tutu - but he loves her none the less which is why is stands proudly beside her. The girl by the fence is jealous as heck of those two spoiled brats cause her mom isn't even at home to take pics of her even though she had stolen one of yours for her to use. LOW AND BEHOLD her grandmother shows up finally to get her and dang if it ain't the Coyote herself!!!! The football team -- well you are just remembering the good old days you had back in high school when you were all in control! ha. The pasta - well you are Italian for goodness sake. And of course the table is splintered cause its one of your many props in your yard to set your poses up for your pics. The other furniture - well that's all your stuff that you are wanting to take with you to Texas cause they hold such precious memories to you but Edward could care less and is saying LET IT GO -WE CAN'T TAKE EVERYTHING WITH US WHEN WE GO!!! ha. Poverty - well that's the vision you are going to see as you take down all your cutesy stuff off the walls and move it out - no fear, you can recreate your wealth in Texas!! The clothes hanging everywhere - you might as well lay the law down to Edward right now that you might be moving with him BUT the first purchases you intend to make when you get there is a brand new washer & dryer - heck -- all new appliances for that matter! And hey - with the new giant high efficiency washer & dryer - you can live with the outhouse factor! Gotta give and take you guess! The people - you are thinking of us and anticipating meeting people as fabulous as us in Texas so you will feel at home - that's a no brainer - but of course you are ticked off that we are not calling and visiting you as much as we promised we would - which I find comical cause we did the same thing to you here in Birmingham. ha Bottom line - don't eat white cheddar popcorn before bedtime - it'll make you crazy! ha. LOVE YOU!

Benita said...

You know, strangely enough it all makes sense! And I will take your advice about the popcorn. No more right before bedtime! Love you!!