Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inspiration for Girlfriends.....

I received an awesome devotional from my BFF for Christmas.  It is entitled Inspiration for Girlfriends.  All devotionals have some really good advice on how to live our daily lives.  There are always stories that inspire us and give us "food for thought".  The devotion for January 23 was "Living Intentionally".  The author states that she has found truth in some counterintuitive principles.  The first principle she adopted was to get more done - stop working.  She found that by shortening her work day, she was more productive and more focused, therefore, accomplishing more of her "to do" list.  Makes sense, right?  She goes on to say that we should live life on purpose rather than just letting life happen.

Other counterintuitive principles she proposed include:

Fake it
Scrap your priorities
Stay behind
Break a hip
Be confused
Disappoint someone
Spend it all today

Now, if you are like me, you find these principles very confusing.  Even more so for the Type A personalities, like me!  :-)

I thought it might be interesting, for the next few days, to share her thoughts on these counterintuitive principles.  She does have some thought-provoking insight....

I'm just sayin',


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