Monday, January 24, 2011

The Most Important Thing...

Recently I attended the Professional Photographer Association's ImagingUSA conference in San Antonio, TX.  My husband and I attended many classes.  We opted for the "divide and conquer" approach in an effort to get more bang for our buck.  Actually, since I was a new member the conference was free, but that is beside the point!  We are cheap and can squeeze some change out of free!

At the end of each session, we compared notes about what we learned and what would be beneficial in my photography business.  We actually discovered that the pearls of wisdom could apply to any business.  One message that was woven throughout the entire conference was this:  know the rules of what you do and develop your own personal style.  Translated for photographers:  it is wonderful that you love picking up that camera and clicking away until your finger can't press the shutter button any longer.  BUT, if you don't know the rules of photography, you and your business will never survive.  It is okay to bend and break the rules, but make sure you KNOW the rules first.

Photography has become more than a household word with the affordability of digital cameras and even DSLR cameras.  Unfortunately, the art of photography has been lost along the way.  What the instructors were trying to get everyone to understand is that it takes more than a DSLR camera, a backdrop thrown against the wall and a current version of Photoshop to become a photographer.  There are rules that should be followed to ensure a great photo straight out of the camera -- rules of composition (the Golden Means, rule of thirds, etc.),  rules of exposure, copyright rules and rules of running a successful business.  While I've only been in business a little over a year, I've been a photographer for many years now.  One thing I have learned, the most important thing, is that knowledge of the industry is essential for success.

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Edward G. Roberts said...

One of my classes taught me a new term: Smwac - Soccer Mom With A Camera.